Working in the department Corporate Communications at college

Since 2014 I am working full-time in the department Corporate Communications. Until 2016 I was working at Stuttgart Media University (HdM). I was supporting the Content-Manager for the Website, was writing articles, taking photos or creating videos. Furthermore I was supporting when we had the events.



More (german):



At the moment I have again a temporary position at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. I am again in the department Corporate Communications but for the institute of Animation and it's event FMX. My focus is on online-communication and Social Media.


2016/2015: Filmakademie

application campaign, Animationsinstitut / Filmakademie 2017


2015: Hochschule der Medien

Making-Of Video Shooting, Hochschule der Medien

camera, cut

photos with me or from me 2014-2016 (HdM / Filmakademie)

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